DineroMail Payment Option

DineroMail is a method of payment in use in Latin America, mainly in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Brazil. The service is offered by the PayU Group and it has been recently rebranded: in Argentina it is now called PayU Latam while in Mexico, Chile and Brazil it goes by the name DineroMail by PayU. Besides this technicality, the service given is pretty much the same and it allows the payer to send money to DineroMail casinos or any other Internet merchant by using his favorite payment option: debit/credit card, bank transfer or cash. This enables payers to use DineroMail also for recurring payments, which will be charged to the same credit card with no need to enter one’s payment information each period. If one decides to pay with cash, the system communicates a code which must be printed and brought to a convenient bank branch or retail store in order to execute the payment. Once the local store or bank has received the payment, they inform DineroMail which in turn confirms to payment to the DineroMail casino cashier or online shop.

Open a DineroMail Account

DineroMail does not require opening any account in order to be used. Actually, the user remains in charge by continuing to choose his favorite banking system, made simpler by all the options granted by DineroMail. Only the seller who wants to offer this opportunity to his clients needs to open an account with DineroMail (or PayU Latam).

Additional DineroMail Advantages

Due to the name change, DineroMail offers different sites where we can gather useful information. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to connect to the main one. But if you are in Argentina, you will probably find the following one more convenient for you: http://www.payulatam.com/ .
Please note that payments by credit cards and cash deposits are available in the whole Latin America area covered by the PayU Latam group, but bank transfers are currently not available for payments executed in Brazil and Mexico.
Some services require a fee: it is recommended to consider the fees involved in any transaction. You will find them here: http://www.payulatam.com/latin-america-online-payment-fees
If you want to open a DineroMail eWallet account now, here is a convenient link for you: