Qiwi Payment Option

Qiwi is a prepaid card mostly used in Russia (but valid worldwide) and functioning just like a virtual Visa card: in fact, it can be used to pay online just like a regular (plastic) Visa card. Qiwi virtual Visa cards can be bought at 110,000 kiosks in Russia and deposits can be done at regular ATM terminals.

It is an ideal payment method for persons who do not own a credit card, since this prepaid card enables its holder to purchase in the same online outlets which accept payments done with physical credit cards. It is also ideally used by young teens who are considered underage by regular banks and still need a valid card for online payments (of course this does not allow any underage person to deposit or play at a Qiwi casino).

Get a Qiwi Prepaid Card

You can register now for a Qiwi prepaid card at the convenient link which you will find at the bottom of this page. When you purchase your card at a kiosk and activate it through your first deposit, you will receive within a couple of minutes an SMS with all the details of your new account.

At this point, your Qiwi prepaid card is already ready for use and you can use it to make online payments to a virtually limitless number of online vendors and Qiwi casinos. The Qiwi card expires in 3 months and it allows a maximum balance up to 15,000 rubles, which is about 500$, which is enough to give most Qiwi casinos players the chance to deposit a decent gaming budget at the casino’s cashier.
You can learn more about the Qiwi prepaid card at http://qiwi.ru/ (content is available in both English and Russian).

Additional Qiwi Services

Qiwi is a virtual card, but also a plastic card is available: in addition to all Internet sites that accept Visa cards, this card can be used also in all physical stores and it is valid 1 year (there is a fee of 100 rubles for activation and 1 year service). There is a banking fee of 15 rubles for balance inquiries at ATMs. The Qiwi card cannot be used for Qiwi casino withdrawals.

If you want to register for a Qiwi virtual prepaid card, here is a convenient link for you: