ePay Payment Option

ePay is an online payment method which is very widely used in Bulgaria. It allows payments via bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, postal money orders, mobile phones accounts and ATM outlets. This very eclectic payment system can be used in many different ways: by holding a Bulgarian Bank Account in any one of the many supported banks (both Bulgarian and foreign), a debit or credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express, or just by having a supported ePay Microaccount. This makes ePay much more than a bank transfer payment option for its many Bulgarian users. Its broad range of services include the electronic payment of utility bills, taxes, traffic fines, university tuitions as well as money transfers to several other institutional agencies in Bulgaria.

Open a ePay Account

Opening an account with ePay is done by registering your card, so that this provider keeps it in its memory: in this way you will be able to pay online with ePay or deposit at ePay casinos just using your ePay account and with no need to provide any confidential card data. You can register with ePay in English at the link provided at the bottom of this page. You will provide ePay with an active Email account of yours so that they can send you the most appropriate instructions about how to proceed with the Opening of your new ePay Account.

If you want to use ePay via a supported Microaccount, you will have to open one via EasyPay at this (Bulgarian only) link: http://www.easypay.bg/. If you do not read Bulgarian you can try to access the corresponding services at this link: http://www.fexopay.com/en/.

Additional ePay Advantages

Besides its very wide range of online payment services, ePay offers its users a very detailed set of information on their website which you can access here (in English and in Bulgarian): https://www.epay.bg/

You will discover there all the fees charged to ePay users, as well as the many options to pay with ePay for free: for instance, holders of level III Microaccounts can receive, send and withdraw money with ePay at no cost and without limits. Also some banking operations done via the cards Maestro, VISA Electron, VISA, vPay and MasterCard are performed with no fees. You can consult the table of ePay fees here: https://www.epay.bg/v3main/front?p=fee_pay.

If you want to register with ePay, here is a convenient link for you: