INSTADEBIT Payment Option

INSTADEBIT is a bank transfer payment method, which does not require you to hold a bank account in any specific bank. You just open an account with INSTADEBIT, provide them with information regarding your own bank account and once your request is confirmed they will be ready to transfer funds at your request from your regular bank to the INSTADEBIT casino or merchant of your choice. The transaction itself is as simple as writing a cheque.

Open an INSTADEBIT Account

You can quickly open a new INSTADEBIT account when executing your first transaction or do it at your convenience following the link at the bottom of this page. Of course, you will have to provide your personal and bank account information, which INSTADEBIT will verify by depositing a small amount in it. Once you check your regular bank statement and know what is the exact amount that you have received, you will be able to confirm it to INSTADEBIT who in turn will validate your newly opened account. For security reasons, entering the deposit amount incorrectly might result in INSTADEBIT blocking your request to an open account, therefore be careful even when executing this simple registering operation.

It must be noted that INSTADEBIT does not work as an eWallet and your account does not hold money for you. It only works as an easy and practical tool to transfer money held in your private bank account and moving the funds to the cashier of INSTADEBIT casinos online, without any need to disclose any sensitive banking data. However, your INSTADEBIT account might hold money when you receive a refund from an online merchant. You can use that credit to make new payments or withdraw it to your regular bank account.

Holders of INSTADEBIT accounts can connect at anytime using the Consumer Log In: once connected, they are able to view their complete transaction history, accept refunds or withdraw funds, change the personal information associated with their account and verify their bank account data. The status and activities of any INSTADEBIT account are therefore perfectly transparent for all users.

Additional INSTADEBIT Advantages

You can also use INSTADEBIT to withdrawals your casino winnings: You will need to login to the PlayMillion cashier, choose to withdraw using INSTADEBIT and enter the amount. Once the payout is processed, your funds will be deposited into your INSTADEBIT balance account and you will receive notice by email. You will see them in the available account balance on your profile page.

The service provides a customer support available 24/7 at [email protected]. It also offers a very clear Frequently Asked Questions section at this link and an online chat support available at the contact page of their website:

If you want to open an account at INSTADEBIT, here is a convenient link for you: