Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile Payment Option

Siru Mobile is a payment method which enables you to pay your online bills simply using your mobile phone. As we will see it is so simple that one phone call is enough to validate your online payment (like a deposit to a Siru Casino) and have it charged to your next phone bill. Its mechanism is such that it works on all devices from tablets to desktops and you don’t even have to own a smartphone.

You will not be surprised to learn that Siru Mobile is based in Finland and has offices in Sweden, Norway and the U.S. (California): in fact, the new technologies of invoice payment solutions are the fastest growing banking system and they are already the second biggest payments category in the Scandinavian countries.

Open a Siru Account

You do not need a Siru account: all you need is an active mobile phone account and a phone device able to receive SMS. It is that account and its number which you will use in order to purchase online or to deposit money on the cashier of Siru casinos: once you have entered your phone number correctly, the system will send an SMS with the verification code to your mobile. This verification code will keep its validity during the following 24 hours. It is this code that you will use to validate your purchase by doing a simple call from your device.

Additional Siru Advantages

Once you have completed at least one full transaction, you will be able to check all your activity on the My Siru section of the company’s website. Please note that Siru is a paying service and it charges fees, which add to the costs of the phone calls involved in the operation.

Siru gives access to its technical support via Email at [email protected] . When a deal is canceled (like when you have not received the product or service you have ordered), Siru enables the refund but it might retain some treatment fees. That does not include the possibility to withdraw your casino winnings, since Siru’s solution currently works only as a “money in” option.

The use of Siru Mobile invoice payments is limited to 300 euro per months per user. The highest possible purchase is currently 60 euro, though this might change in the future.

If you want to learn more about Siru, here is a convenient link for you: